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A Medical Education Portal on Amyloid-Related Imaging Abnormalities (ARIA)

This Understanding ARIA portal provides medical resources for neurologists, radiologists and other healthcare professionals on ARIA in multiple learning formats including modules, expert video lectures, clinical flashcards, key publication summaries and links to other educational materials.

ARIA MRI Case-Based Learning Sessions

What is ARIA MRI Case-Based Learning?

This is an educational initiative driven by a leading technology company, Clario, in partnership with Eisai Inc. to increase knowledge and understanding of ARIA.

Why does Clario provide a unique educational opportunity?

  • Clario has a number of highly experienced neuroradiologists that have assessed imaging endpoints in many Alzheimer's disease studies.
  • Each neuroradiologist has lectured extensively on the topic of ARIA and has greatly contributed to the radiological literature on ARIA over the past decade
  • The core team from Clario for this initiative include neuroradiologists Dr. Jerry Barakos and Dr. Derk Purcell
  • Click here to learn more about Clario

    What is the format of the session?

  • A 1-hour virtual meeting with a neuroradiologist, highly specialized in ARIA
  • An introduction to ARIA will be given, which will cover subtypes of ARIA, severity grading, imaging pitfalls, and differential diagnosis
  • Key focus: how to detect ARIA and interpret MRI findings